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I'm proud to say that I'm still a film based Fine Art Photographer. I use a pair of Pentax 6 x 7's to photograph with using the center weighted camera's exposure system. In my color work I shoot Fugichrome 50 & 100 ASA  Professional film. Lightwaves, a San Francisco photolab digitally scans my transparencies and then prints my work 16 x 20 through a light process on Fugichrome archival photographic paper. The advantages of this system is no loss of sharpness that an internegative process has. I do not use any photoshop to enhance the colors in my images as they are reproduced to match my transparencies exactly. Dodging and burning on rare occasions is used with the photoshop advantage of not shifting any colors that can happen when making these corrections in tradional darkroom work. For those familar with the process in tradional darkoom work color filters are used when dodging or burning and it is very difficlut to do correctly without unwanted color shifts. A great advantage in the new digital world.

All B & W is done by myself in my home darkoom but what I use and how I do it is my secret!

I consider myself a traditionalist in subject matter and currently working in B & W only. Images can be purchased only as a photographic print there are no digital files available. I sell only in 16 x 20 print size and you can purchase an unmounted image in color or B & W for $150 + shipping. Mounted and in a window matt on Cresant archival white board are $200 + shipping.

Currently a member of SF Women's Gallery and SF Cameraworks.

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